Gilson Rambelli


Associate Professor at Federal University of Sergipe (UFS) and Coordinator of the Laboratory of Archaeology of Aquatic Environments (LAAA-UFS)

Gilson Rambelli

Themes of special interest – Maritime Archaeology, Shipwreck Archaeology, Nautical Archaeology, and Underwater Archaeology

Professional biography

Historian and Archaeologist, Specialization in Underwater Archeology in France (1992), Master’s (1993-1998) and doctorate (1999-2003) in Underwater Archeology from the University of São Paulo (USP), Post-Doctorate in Maritime Archeology (2004-2007) from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), NAUI Scuba Instructor (1997), Professional Diver (2001), NAS Underwater Archeology Instructor (2001), Researcher CNPq Scientific Productivity.