Courtesy of NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

(a) Promote sound ethical management of underwater cultural heritage where in situ preservation is the first option; 

(b) Support scientific research, including both disturbance and non-disturbance activities; 

(c) Encourage public presentation of underwater cultural heritage and public participation in underwater cultural heritage; 

(d) Promote the 1996 ICOMOS Charter and the 2001 UNESCO Convention’s Annex as best practice guidance regarding underwater cultural heritage; 

(e) Assist all stakeholders in the field of maritime archaeology to manage, protect, carry out sound study, and share knowledge on underwater cultural heritage; 

(f) Raise the profile and increase public awareness of the existence and value of the world’s underwater cultural heritage; 

(g) Promote ethical activities on and with underwater cultural heritage through facilitating development of national and regional cooperation, programs and legislation; 

(h) Encourage an inclusive approach to underwater cultural heritage; 

(i) Support, initiate and/or assist in education and capacity-building initiatives in respect of the management, research, protection, conservation and dissemination of underwater cultural heritage; 

(j) Provide a forum for discussion and for the exchange of information, regionally and internationally, on matters of principle and of technical, legal and administrative practice affecting underwater cultural heritage; 

(k) Provide information for governments, the general public and political organizations about the protection and preservation of underwater cultural heritage; 

(l) Support and encourage the gathering and sharing of diverse professional experience and knowledge and the development of guidance for ICOMOS on underwater cultural heritage, taking into account cultural diversity and sensitivities and in cooperation with other ICOMOS Scientific and National Committee; and 

(m) Assist Associate Members and Emerging Professionals in developing their specialisation and competence in underwater cultural.